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Alauddin Khalji is known for defending India from Mongol invasions

His forces fight against mongols and made decisive victory near the bank of ravi river.

Military commanders include zafar Khan, Ulugh Khan and Malik Kafur successfully led his army against the Mongols.

Alauddin Khalji was an emperor of the Khalji dynasty. He ruled the Delhi Sultanate.He reign from year 1296 to 1316.

The administrative area of Alauddin Khilji is well known.His administrative was good in revenues,price control policy and society.

Alauddin khilji was a son-in-law and nephew of Jalaluddin.Jalaluddin was his predecessor.

His army consists of three main key player.They were Zafar Khan,Ulugh Khan, and his general Malik Kafur.

His general, Malik Kafur led in many battle fields and made historical victory.Alauddin was more powerfull ruler from his dynasty.

Alauddin Khilji applied price control measure for various market goods for public welfare.He appointed market supervisor to look after the market goods.

He prohibited the storing of grains to prevent black market.He banned prostitution and ordered all to be married.

Alauddin suffered from illness at the last year of his life.And after that Malik Kafur handled the admin istration.

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