Battle of uhud fought in the valley below the northern face of Mount Uhud

The Battle of uhud fought on Saturday, 23 March 625 (7 Shawwal). The battle is said to be Muslim–Quraish War, where muslims did not manage to defeat their enemy.

It was 3 AH / 625 AD when the Meccans wanted to revenge their losses at the battle of Badr.The Meccan were fully prepared with a force of 3000 strong army, including 200 cavalry, and marched out from Makkah to Madinah.

A year before at the battle of Badr, a group small Muslims army defeated much larger Meccan force.

The Muslims in Madinah made a coference about the war and how to repel the Meccans.

The Meccans knew that it was easier to fight Muslims outsite the city Madinah as the city has a stronghold of Muslims.

But Muslims fought in the lower slopes of the Mount of Uhud so that the Meccen can’t pass the slope very easily.

The mount of uhud protected the Muslim army from the Meccans force.

Our beloved Prophet(Peace be upon him) asked some archers to guard a nearby rocky hills and ordered the archers to never leave their position unless ordered to do so.

Victory appearing certain for the Muslims but one mistake done.

The archers who were ordered to remained there in the rocky hills left out the place hoping of victory.

Taking out this chance Meccan attacked the Muslims again where many Muslims died and our Prophet(Peace be upon him) also got injured in this battle and loss his teeth.

After hand to hand combat most of the Muslims manage to regroup higher up on the sloper of mountain Uhud.

The battle is generally believed to be a defeat for the Muslims, as there was the greater loss of Muslims than the Meccans.About 70- 75 Muslims died,which is three times higher than unbelievers.

But other scholars noted that Meccans had failed to achieve their aim of destroying our Beloved Prophet(Peace be upon him) and his followers.

The battle of Badr was also one of the most important war fought by Muslims.

There were about 1000 men in Meccan force and 313 in Muslims force.

In this tough battle Muslims scored a complete victory.

The battle of badr fought on 13 March 624. There were about army of 313 men in Muslims side.

They were not well-equipped nor better prepared. They only had two horses and 70 camels. And on the other side there were excited army of around 1300 men on meccan side.

They had 100 horses and large number of camels.In this tough battle Muslims scored a complete victory. This is the battle where Allah has sent down a group of angels to fight in favour of muslims army.

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