Dark side of dowry system

Dowry is a curse for women all around the world

Dowry is a dangerous system going on in maximum part of the world especially in India.It is seen as a curse for the women.Many of the women are seen victim of it.

Women are staying at their home un marraied only because of dowry system.They are being abused everyday by family member and by the locality.The victims feels ashamed and choose to end their life.

Many girl remains unmarraied

Many girls especially from town and city remains unmarried because the family of the girl is unable to pay such huge amount of dowry charge by boys side.

The girls father unable to afford such huge amount and thus the dream of getting his daughter to get married remains untrue.

Many girls commit suicide because she feel ashamed and think herself as a burden to her father.

Girls are being beaten up for dowry

Girls are being beaten up even after getting married.Because huge money is demanded by husband side.And if girls unable to fullfill the demand of her husband get bitten up at last.

They are being send to their house for the money they have demanded.And unless and untill they fullfill their demand they are bitten up and some results in suicide also.

Girl child are thought as a burden by their parents

Daughter are being thought as a burden by the parents because they unable to arrange a marriage for their daughter and their daughter grew up day by day.

Parents unable to arrange such large amount of money for their daughter marriage.

Society need to change

If society change then the dowry system will also get vanish.we have to talk about the bad side of dowry to the people.We have to well educate them.Lack of education is the main problem.

We have to teach that every family has daughter and if they doesnot aware people about the bad sides of dowry then it will be more big trouble for them also.

Boys have to change their mindset

Boys have to take their own responsibility for their marriages. They should keep their wife in good position.As she is a daughter of someone else and has left her home because of him. So do not disturb her by urging huge money from her.

Give respect to your wife and your wife will also respect you.

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