First Aid skills on severe bleeding

Blood is a connective tissue.It is a combination of fluid and cells.Fluid parts are known as plasma and cells are(Red Blood Cells, White Blodd Cells,Plasma).Blood is a essential fluid of our body.It carries oxygen through out the body.

Blood has White Blood Cells which improves body immunity systems and fights with the disease.

Minimum 5 litre of blood is essential in adults and 500 ml in new born baby.

Loss of blood in the body may cause serious problem and can cause death of the victim.

If a person is wounded and it is bleeding sevearly.First aid skill will help the persons to stop or to slow the bleeding.

Here are some steps taken:

1>Hold the wound and apply direct preesure to the wound to stop the blood flow.

2>Elevate the area of the wound till chest.

3>Secure the dressing firmly with bandage.

4>Give support the injured part with something.

In case of if any object is embedded into the wound and causing severe bleeding.

Following steps should be taken:

1>If any object is in the wound stucked, then don’t pull it out otherwise bleeding could be more severe.The object may be acting as a plug.

2>Use rolled cloth or bandage on either side of the objects.

3>Apply pressure on the wound without pushing the object to slow down the bleeding.

If the bleeding is because of an electric shock then raise the leg with support of a chair.

Bleeding too much

1>Loss of blood can increase heart rates.

2>Problem in respiration due to lack of oxygen in the body.Person may feel anxious and rest less.

4>30 % to 40 % of blood loss causes Skin color to appear pale.And the body may get more cool.

5>Blood loss more than 40 to 50 % is more dangerous, in which a person may die without immediate treatement.

Call the ambulance and rush to the nearest hospitals.

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