First aids when snake bites

Every people try to remain safe and cares for their valuable and precious life.

But the news of snake bites comes on a day to day life. A healthy man who got a snake bite, loose his life.

The main reason for the death is to be more panic and taking stress when snake bites.

Every people should know the first aids when snake bites.Knowing first aids can save people from death.

Here are some first aids when snake bites:

1>Try to Judge the color,body scales and head parts of the snake.

It will help the doctor to identify the venom of the snake.If you judge it , then it is ok otherwise do not waste the time finding the snake or to kill the snake.

2>Don’t be panic when snake bites.Remain calm,relax and fearless.

If anyone feels panic when snake bites and take stress then it may increase blood pressure and also can increase heart rates, which is dangerous for the victims as a result venom may flow quickly through out the body.

Remember,there is a lot of chance that a venomous snake can deliver dry bites, without injecting venom insde the victims body.

Try to take help from other,do not run.

3>Do not do excessive movement of your body parts, which may increase the blood flow.

4>Remove tight cloth, rings or wrist watch ect from the effected body parts or on the wound itself. Otherwise it may cause swelling.

5>Do not cut the wound as it may cause infection.

6>Do not suck the wounds because it will remove less amount of venom and it might poison the helper.

7>Do not eat or drink anything as it may increase the heart rates and blood flow.

8>Wrap up the wound with a clean cloth and long bandage loose enough to insert a finger and wrap up till the top.

9>Do not use tight cloth around the wound as it may restrict the blood flow in the affected area.

10>Do not use ice in the wounds as it may increase the damage.

11>Immobilize the body parts around the effected area with a stick and tight it with a bandage and rush to the nearest hospital for treatment.

The doctor will then detect the venom and will inject anti-venom to the body of the victim.

The presence of mind and immediate treatments can save the life of a victim.

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