How to survive if dogs attack you

If a group of dogs attack you and there is nobody to help you.Dogs are shouting aggressively at you.

Do you know what to do then.Here are some scientific idea to survive a dog attack.

Here are some tips when dog attack:

1>Stay calm and do not run.

Some stray dogs feel aggressive when someone runs or jumps. So stay calm.

2>Avoid eye to eye contact with the dog and look away or down.

When a dog is domesticated and friendly, eye contact is safe but when a dog is displaying aggressive behaviour, eye contact is dangerous and communicate chalenge to the dog.

3>Put an object on the ground between you and dog.

Weather it is money bag, shoe, or simple bag. Put it into the ground and dog will interpret the object as a shield between you and the dog.

And do not try to hit the dog with the object as it will make the dog more aggressive.

4>Move back slowly without looking at the dog.

If you find dog is getting calm and moving the head back, then work way slowly.

Even if the tactics does not work for you, there are more:

5>Cover your important body part with your hands like belly,neck etc to avoid bite. And the best way lie into the ground in ball shape.

If the dog back attack you:

6>Find weapons and throw them to the top dog or the main lead dog.

This may cause other dog to go away who where following the main dog.

7>And if there is any higher ground near to you slowly climb to the top.

We have discussed how to survive a dog attack. But we should know the first aid for dog bite.

Dog bites can cause serious problems to your body.The saliva of the dog when goes to the wounds cause serious health problems.It can damage the muscles and tissue of the body.

The victims feels anoid with light and noise.

The victim should not be afraid or panic and should apply first aid initially before going to hospital.

Here are some first aids when dog bite:

1>Place a clean towel or cloth over the injury to stop bleeding.

2>Wash the wounds or injury carefully with clean soap and water.

3>Apply antibiotics to the injury.

4>Apply a bandage to the wounds.

5>Rush to the hospital and visit a doctor for vaccination.

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