Importance of hijab in Islam

Hijab is an arabic word meaning “veil”.

It is strongly recommended for womens in Islam to wear hijab.Hijab particularly comes under covering whole body except face.

Why do women cover themselves everytime by hijab?

In the house a women can live normally infront of her husband, father, mother, children.There is no such restriction inside the house.

But if by emergency a women go outside of house, then it is compulsory to were hijab.

In Islam if a believing women is showing off her hair to outsider, then she is committing sins.She can’t showoff her hair to outsider. It should come under hijab.

Important of Women in Islam

Womens are highly respected in Islam.It is mentioned in the saying of Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) that the paradise is under the foot of your mother. So respect your mother and take care of your mother.

Womens are not a showpiece to show to the outside world.The beauty for women is only for her husband not for the outsider.

Freedom to women doesn’t mean to make her naked infront of people.

She should be kept safe.And it is the duty of the husband or her guardian to protect her from every evil.

Womens are soft in nature than men. They are more weaker than men.

Men and women, if see eachother, they feel attraction because they are of opposite sex.Obviously it is proved by Medical science.

If a men or a women tells that they doesn’t feel any attarction to opposite sex when they see eachother, then they are telling lie. They need to have medical checkup.

Allah says in the holy book Quran to the believer to lower their gaze and to guard the modesty.

Misconception about wearing a hijab

Many people thinks that in Islam women are tortured and are oppressed by Men.They are forced to were a hijab.

It is absolutely wrong.They are not forced but they are given well education about the importance of hijab in daily life.

There are lots of cases of rapes all around the world.But wearing the hijab will reduce the cases of rapes.

Womens are not beaten up for not wearing hijab.It is there choice.

But if they are not following it, then they are committing sin.

Most of the women were hijab because they have understood the importance of hijab.

If two identical twin girl with mature ages working in a street and there are some boy ready to tease girl.

One of the girl is wering hijab and other is wearing jeans and short t-shirts.So to whom those boys will tease?

Obviously to the girl who is not wearing hijab.

Womens are like a chocolate, if thrown is dust it becomes valueless and if covered up, it becomes valuable.

Womens are like gold, if thrown outside, then it got stolen and if kept secure remains safe.

You cover up your mobile with your mobile guard, because your mobile is valuable. Likewise women cover themselves with hijab because they are valuable.

Hope we should understand it. Thank You.

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