Is it safe to drink water while standing

In our day to day life we are habituated with lot of bad habit which we are unaware about.

It may be very much dangerous for your health.We should be well educated about the thing we do in day to day life.

Today I will discuss about the topic, that which one is better to drink water stand or to drink sitting down.

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Many people drink water standing up, wheather it be lazyness or it is a habit. But we should know whether it is safe to drink water standing up or not??

Dring water is very much essential to our life but it should be in correct way.

If anyone drinks water standing up, the speed of the water flowing is much more. And it can impact massive effect to the body.

While drinking water standing up the water directly travels into the stomach.Due to excessive pressure of water, it can damage the stomach wall or side by area.It can aslo affect whole digestive system of the body.

While standing, water passes directly to the lower stomach without any filtration.And due to high pressure of water, impurities get accumulates into the bladder.

It can also cause infection to the urinary tracts.

Nerves may get disturbed drinking water regularly while standing.It can effects the fluid balace of the body.

It can causes arthritis and lungs problem.

Benifits while drinking water sitting down

While drinking water sitting down,it makes nerves and body get relax and water flows smooth.

Water get filtrate easily.

It reduces the acidity level.

It prevents stomach wall and digestive system from damage.

It reduces pressure in kidney while water filtration and makes kidney healthier.


Avoid taking large intake of water at once , and take it slowly.

Dont feel shame drinking water sitting down, beacuase it prevents you from damaging your digestive system.

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