Why do God exist

Atheist doesn’t believe in God.And they deny God. Hindus believe in polytheism and they believe in more than one God.Muslims believe in only One God that is monotheism.Muslims believe in Allah.

Why Do God exists

If you don’t believe in God, then how you have came into this world.Who have send you into this world.Have you ever thought about this.

You may say, that you have came from the womb of your mother.But question arise, then who have send your mother into this world.The only one answer will be God.

Have you ever thought, who brings rain from the sky, and the water you are drinking?
The seeds which is coming out from the earth?

Everyone have to die one day and have to taste death.How does your lungs is working continuously without any rest.

Have you ever thought about the day in which you work and the night in which you rest.The breath which you take.

Have you ever thought that why you have born as a human being rather than animal.

And to teach human being about all these thing, God has send the messengers.The first messenger is Adam and the last is Muhammad(Peace be upon them).

God has send more or less 1,50,000 messenger down into this earth.

Some of the well known messenger is Ibrahim,Ismail,Yousuf,Younus,Noah,Moses, Harun,Dawood,Sulaiman,Jesus,Muhammad(Peace be upon them all).

This life is nothing but a test and we have to stand before God in the day of judgement.

Why God is only one

God is only one not two.God has no father and no mother.God has no children.No one can be compare to God.

There is no starting of the God , nor ending of the God.God will remain forever.Islam tells that do not to think about the beginning of the God or the starting of the God, otherwise your brain will get damage thinking that rather think about the sign of God.

What problem would have been arised if there were more than one God

If there were more than one God, then there would have been a fight between them about the leadership.

Why do God doesn’t come into the earth

Human being doesn’t have a capacity to see God in their worldly eyes.And God has no image.
God is not like human. It doesn’t make any sense that God takes a shape of human and comes into this earth.

This life is nothing but a test from God.God want to judge people.And we all have to appear in the Day of Judgement.

So be well prepare.

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