Why do Muslims fast in ramadan

Being hunger from several hour is much difficult for us.

We take food whenever we feel hungry.Unless and untill we take some intake of food we feel week and lazyness.

So here one question arises that can a person remain hungry for several hours.

How can a person without taking any intake of food from long hour remain calm and no problem arises.

That most good example is the fasting in Ramadan by Muslims all around the world.

Ramadan is the holy month of Hijri calender for all the Muslims.

Ramadan litteraly means to “burn all the desire” for the sake of Almighty Allah.

In the month of ramadan all the Muslims around the world need to fast for several hours say 8 to 9 hours or it may go upto 10 hours without any single drop of intake.

Even a single drop of water is also prohibited to drink in the scorching heat on Summer while a person is fasting in the month of Ramadan.

Even a drop of spit from the mouth cannot be swallowed into the body intentionally.Otherwise the fast will be broken.

How does it possible to fast for along hour??

Allah says in the Quran, that fasting makes believer to acquire Taqwa(Fear on Allah).

It makes people to bear more patience and to build stamina.It makes people humble.

Allah has ordered all the believers to fast during the month of ramadan.It is obligatory for every Muslims to fast whether poor or rich and if a person is feet for doing that. Otherwise it will be grieavous sin not to fast with out any silly reason.

How does Ramadan helps belieaver to acquire Taqwa(Fear on Allah)?

If a person is alone in the house and nobody is there watching. And he/she is fasting in the schorching heat in summer feels very much thristy to dring a drop of water.

A cold bottle of water is infront and at the top of the table.There is nobody present in the house. Then easily he/she can dink the water.

But he remembered that it is the order of Allah, not to break the fast till the time comes.And he knows that Allah is watching.Then he/she avoids the cold water for the sake of Allah only to pleased him.

Thus by doing this he/she acquires more taqwa.

Ramadan teaches all the belieaver to remain abstain from all the irrelevant activity in this month and also those eleven(11) months remaining.

It helps all the belieaver to guide to a straight path.

In every year, it is a complete one month training given by Allah.

Ramadan is the name given by Allah.

Misconception about Ramadan

Even many people thinks that Ramadan is only for poor, it is absolutely wrong.It is for both poor and rich.

Many people think that once upon a time there was crisis in the food and from then to help poor Ramadan starts. It is absolutely wrong.

Benifits of fasting

1>It controls the diet.
2>It make people fit and build stamina.
3>It keeps people humble.
4>It keeps people to have more patience.

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