Why do muslims keep beard

Many people like beard and many people does not.But do you know why do Muslims keep beard??

In this article you will get full information

First of all you should know why does men have beard and women do not.Have you ever think about this question??

God has send men and women into this earth.It is natural that men has beard and women does not. Beard is not man made its natural by God.

God has not given anything unuseful to us.Its by natural that women will not look good keeping beard, and hence they has not.

It is a myth people says, that keeping beard in the face cause infection and the bacteria grows in the beard is un-hygenic.

But Muslims do ablution at-least five times a day before praying. Then how can a person having beard be affected by bacteria who is doing ablution five times a day.

Our Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) says,Trim closely the moustache and grow the beard.

Psychologist Robert J. Pellegrini in 1973 done a survey among men who keeps beard and among men who are clean saved.

The result and conclusion of the experiment comes out that, mens having full beard are mostly liked by the people.It depicts a heroic image, confident and independent, modesty, wise.

Benefits of keeping beard

1>Beard protects the face from harmfull chemical or polution from the air which can cause cell damage cause wrinkling and bad skin.

2>Beard protects the skin and prevent acne,pimples ect.

3>Beard keeps face warmer and protects the chin from danger.

4>Beard prevent disease in throat and gums.

5>Most of the respiratory problem are prevented by keeping beard.

6>Long beard protect from cold effects reaching the neck.

Disadvantage of not keeping beard in the face:

1>Shaving beard kills natural cell from the face, and hence leading to cancer.

2>Increase acne,pimples,wrinkles ect.

3>Increase the chance of bacterial infection in face skin.

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