Why do Muslims were Cap

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Why do Muslims were Cap?

As all of you know that all the Muslims around the world worship Allah. And all the Muslims around the world follow the last Messengers of Allah, that is Muhammed(Peace be upon him).

Allah says in the Holy Book Quran, that obey Allah and obey His Messenger.

So it the duty of all the muslims around the world to obey the Messenger Muhammmed(Peace be upon him) and to make him ideal.

Messenger of Allah used to tell all his followers to follow him whatever he is doing, to pleased Allah.

That may be wearing of cloth,eating habits, sleeping, talking, working ect.

The Messenger of Allah(Peace be upon him) used to were cap in the Head every time.It is rare that he put off his cap from the head as told by Scholars.

So it is the duty of every Muslims to were a cap every time, specially in 5 times prayers.

As in five times prayer we need to keep our body humble in front of God.We need to make our self tidy enough to present our self in front of Allah.

So if the head is uncovered while praying, then the hair may look untidy.

That why one need to cover the head while praying.

It is also said that while going to toilet or latrine, one should cover his/her head.


As of we all know that the head is the most important part of our body.And it is in top of the body.

We cover our body with cloths, and were shoes into our legs.

So what wrong is done with the head that we are not covering it. It should also be covered.

Benefits and scientific reason of covering the head

1>It keeps hairs clean from dust.

2>It keeps hairs form suns harm full rays.

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