Why is it necesorry to marry

Marraige is a important part of life. Without having married, a persons faces lots of problem in day to day life.

For a successfull man, there plays an important role of his wife. And for a successfull women, there plays an important role of her husband.They are made for eachother.

Some men finds marriage as not essentials in the life, because they think that it will bring lot of problem in the life.

The problem may be of wife.He has to listen all the demands of her wife and have to fullfill all the demand what she had said. And also he have to look after the children.

Likewise some women think that marriage bring lot of problem in the life.She has to fullfill all the demands of her husband and has to nurse him properly.Also she has to look after her children.

You have seen that lot of men and women in their last life who have not married feel very dipressed and alone without sharing their feeling to other.They has no one to listen to their feeling.They has no one to listen their problem and fell ashamed to tell other.Because they have no life partner to listen to their sorrow and feeling to tell something or to help.

People think that marriage brings problem to their life,but in other sense marriage brings a door to get success in the life.

You will find some people, they were jobless before marrying, but after marriage, got a job.And got a straight path to follow.He find someone special in his life to share his feeling and thought.

A man who havn’t married finds a very boring life at some moment of his life.He feels alone.And for the women also it is same.

Children will earn for them and will look after them in their old age.

You might think that the childRen may be wicked. That is absolutely wrong, you have to give them proper education.And they will learn how to behave with their parents.

All will have to earn, even if he is single in life and think that after marrying he have to earn more. Yes that is right, but for that you can’t skip marriage. You have to try for that.

And if you doesn’t try,the time will pass on, and it will be a big mistake for you.

Sex is very important part in our life.Without having sex,a person can’t remain healthy and be happy.So for sex one need to marry.

But now you may say before marry sex is possible.My brother, you will not like that your mother having sex with other, and your sister having sex with other. You will not like that.So how can you have a sex before marriage.It is a greavious sin you are comitting having sex before marriage.

You are doing sex with some ones mother and with some ones sister, that is absolutely wrong.

So change your mindset, and lead a happy marriage life. Best of luck.

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