When did Islam came to India

Toady in this article, we will come to know that when did Islam came to India.

Many people have mis information that Islam has been spread India by sword.But it is absolutely wrong.

Even many people say that Muhammad bin qasim has brought Islam to India.Some also say that Muhammad Ghori brought Islam to India. Some say Muhammad bin Tughluq,some say Muhammad ghazni/Sultan Mahmud.

But if you research carefully you will get to know different one.

Our beloved prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) has been born on 570 AD and died on 632 AD. Its 63 years he stayed in this world.

Now if you research about the oldest Masjid in India.You will find these masjids below.

Cheraman Juma Masjid, Kerala

You will find a mosque in kerala which is located in Thrissur district,Paravur-Ko
dungallur road.Name of the mosque is Cheraman Juma Masjid.You will found that it is built in 629 AD by Malik-Bin-Dinar.

Palaiya Jumma Palli, Tamil Nadu

Next you will find a masjid in tamilnadu which was built in the year between 628–630 AD.Name of the masjid is Palaiya jumma masjid which is located at Kilakarai,tamilnadu.

Barwada mosque, Gujarat

Now most interesting fact is that, there is a masjid in Gujarat which was having its mehrab toward Baitul-Muqaddas,palestine.Our first qibla was baitul-muqaddas in palestine.And later by the revelation from Allah,our qibla direction changes and it is now towards Qaaba,Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

‘Qibla’ refers to the direction where Muslims use to pray Namaz towars that direction.

Now you imagine how old is that masjid should be? It has been said that it was built before those two mosque mentioned above.

What is the misinformation

Muhammad Ghori

People say that Islam has been brought to India by Muhammas Ghori.But if you research then you will find that he was born in 1149 AD.

Muhammad Bin Tughlaq

Muhammad Bin Tughlaq has been born in 1290 AD and he was sultan of delhi from the year 1325 to 1351.

Sultan Mahmud

Sultan Mahmud also known as Muhammad Ghazni was born in 971 AD.He was from ghaznavi dynasty and ruled from 998 to 1030 AD.

Muhammad Bin Qasim

Muhammad Bin Qasim was from Taif,Saudi Arabia. He was born in 694 AD.He came to India in around 712 AD.

Now you have to decide that when did Islam came to India.It is the misinformation or lack of knowledge people have and they blame Muslims that Islam has been spread by the power of sword.

Islam was introduce to India at the time of our beloved Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him).All the rulers mentioned above came to India at the later periods of time say after 960 AD. But before that Islam was already present in India and was followed by muslims of India.

So hope this article helps you a little bit to understand the Origin of Islam in India.If you have any comments regarding this, then please put in into the comment section below and I will loved to answer it.

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