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The Oslo accords

Oslo accords is an agreements between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) to establish peace for the Israeli-Palestinian proposing two-state solution. The agreements resulted in limited self-governance for Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip through the creation of the Palestinian Authority (PA). The goal of the accords was to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by May 1999.

Oslo I

The Oslo I Accord began in 1993 between representatives of Israel led by Shimon Peres and representatives of the PLO led by Mahmoud Abbas in Oslo. The accord is formally the Declaration of Principles on Palestinian Self-Rule.

Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and PLO chair Yasser Arafat attended the accord’s signing ceremony in Washington, D.C. in the year 1993.

According to the accord, On May 4, 1994, an agreement concluded in Cairo arranged for the first stage of withdrawal of Israeli security forces and their transfer of authority to the newly created Palestinian Authority. Within weeks the withdrawal from the cities of Gaza and Jericho was completed, and the PA soon began carrying out civilian functions in those areas.


Oslo II agreement also were carried out as planned. The redeployment of Israeli security forces and elections for the PA were all going on in the process. But after the assassination of Rabin by a Jewish extremist on November 4, 1995 , the major major problem took place.

On election of 1996, Benjamin Netanyahu came into power, who was a strong opponent and an outspoken critic of the Oslo Accords.

But after that under the new prime minister Ehud Barak, Oslo process resumed later. But due to the Israeli politics, Israeli and Palestinian leaders were never able to put it back on track till now.

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