Jack Sparrow is a chief character in the famous film Pirates of the Carribean

He was a an excellent sailor and he led an adventurous life.He was an good admiral and sailed across the Mediterranean Sea.

Jack Sparrow whose actual name is Jack Ward was a good sailor and pirates.He born in England.
He reverted to Islam and served in the Ottoman navy.

Captain Jack reverted to Islam with his entire crew and he started to be known as Yusuf Reis.

He was known as captain Jack.There lies many historical facts behind the holywood movie “Pirates of carribben”.Jack sparrow whose real name was Jack Ward.

He was a famous sailor who sailed accross Mediterranean Sea.He born in the year 1553 in england.From the younger age itself he developed a passion for sailing.

He was one of the fearless sailor and later known as jack birdy.Initially he was a pirates in Mediterranean Sea and he used to attacked merchant ships in the sea.

In tunisia,ottoman caliphate ruler invited him and granted safety to him.

And after that,his life started a new journey and he converted to Islam and later known as Yousuf Raes.He helped lots of Muslims.

In the famous play titled “christian turned turk” by english dramatist Robert Daborne where he has written about Jack conversion to Islam.

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