Al kauthar - amposible

Whoever will drink water from this pond shall never feel thirst thereafter

Al kauthar is the name of the pond of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) . As large as a month's journey and it's sides are all equal. It's water is brighter than silver.

It's fragrance is more delightful than musk.Whoever will drink water from this pond shall never feel thirst thereafter. It is present in heaven.

On the day of judgement when whole mankind will wait for the judgement.They will be thristy enough for single drop of water.

They will be awaited for long time for judgement,as Allah will be very much angry on that time.They will be naked and will be in barren feet.

None will look to one another.Everyone will be tense under the schorching heat of sun which will be few hands above.

At that time our beloved Prophet(Peace be upon him) will offer with the water of his pond(Al kauthar).

Everyone will be lined in a queue and will be given the water of Al kauther to drink.

Those who had followed the way of Islam will stay in the line or else will be removed from the line.

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