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Famous city Madihah of Saudi arabia is among the worlds healthiest city declared By WHO

WHO declared city "Madinah" to be one of the most healthiest city of the world after the survey by WHO team to Madinah.

They considered Madinah to be the healthiest city because the city has proper sanitation system along with hospitals,roads and localities and has fullfills all the global standards.

WHO also said that the city's consistency regarding the proper sanitation system of both phisical,social and environmental has made the city most healthy city of the world.

Madinah is a city consists of more than 2 million people.

The city's government and volunteers has made lots of efforts to improve the city's sanitation systems.

What is Special about City Madinah:

Medinah is a famous and holy city of Country Saudi Arabia.It is a pilgrimage site for the Muslims all around the world.

It is considered to be the city of our Holy Prophet Muhammed(Peace be upon him).The tomb of our Prophet(Peace be upon him) is present in this city.

Once upon a time there was a poverty and sickness on the city Medinah.But when our Prophet(Peace be upon him) made a journey to Madinah from Mecca at the time of hijrat, the standard of the city changed and proverty removes and the city developes.

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