Illuminati is a name given to several groups or reffered to as a secret society

Illuminati is a name given to several groups or reffered to as a secret society.Their plan is very dangerous.

They are working on a project to control the mind of the people and to establish new world order.
They want people to follow one world government.

There theory is also known as 'conspiracy theory'.They want to make whole world into their hand.They want to convert papper currency to digital currency.They want to have complete control over financial system.

They are working on fake hologram project.

Illuminti is often regarded as a conspiracy theory.It is also considered as a member of secret society.

With the rise of religious consiousness or demand of religios rules in several country,the group of illuminati made a plan to get rid from all of these religious concern.

They want to divert people from respective religion or from respective believe system to God.

They want to make whole world to follow one discipline.They want all people of the world and from all corner of the world to follow "one world order" with one world government.

How is this possible?

They want to change papper currency to digital currency.So that the money of the people will be controlled by the government.

Unless Government allows to take out the money for respective individual, they are nor allowd to use their own money.Indirectly the people will be black-mailed, if the people doesn't accept their policy.

They are also using various technology like HAARP to fool people.

By their theory they want to make all people as a servant of government.

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