HAARP is a technique which is fully operational

It has the capability of triggering floods, hurricanes, droughts and earthquakes artificially.

HAARP has been blamed for earthquake in japan as well as thunderstorms in Iran, Pakistan,turkey,haiti.

HAARP can manipulate weather and it has a capability to control the mind of the people with mind-controlling radio waves techniques.

HAARP can be use to produce fake noise.

By using HAARP technique,it can controll earth ionosphere by sending high frequency radio wave, which can manipulate earths atmosphere.

This technique is considered as a "conpiracy theory". In which they will fool people using this technique.

HAARP is a program said to be funded by Air Force, the Navy,DARPA(Defence advance research projects agency), and the university of Alaska.

HAARP thechnology is also known as a conspiracy theory where the program is designed to control the weather system.

In 2010 there was a earthquake in Haiti.But it was claimed that the program like HAARP has triggered the earthquake.

A portion of a upper atmosphere is known as ionosphere.HAARP is a program to analyse or to understand the concept of ionosphere.Ionosphere streaches around 53 miles that is 85 kilometers and to the above 370 miles that is 600 kilometers.

Ionosphere has a major role in transmiting radio signals.Radio Beams are send by using HAARP technique to the ionosphere to study the response from it.

HAARP project is established in the the region of Alaska and it has a high frequency radio transmitter antenna which can send radio beam to a small portion of ionosphere.

This project cost more than $290 million to build.

Conspiracy theorist considered that HAARP is program use to cause natural disasters like global warming to myaterious human noise in the sky.

They also blamed HAARP for the earthquake and tsunami of Japan in  the year 2011 and a landslide of Philippines in 2006 and many more natural disasters.

Conspiracy theorist also blamed that HAARP can control the mind of the people.

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