First Aid when someone is drowning

The news of drowning comes in day to day life.Nearly a million of cases of drowning take place all around the world.

We should know how to help a drowning person.

Knowing helpfull tricks can save one’s life.

Here are some:

First of all look around the surrounding, wheather it is safe or not.Otherwise your life will be in danger.If you feel safe then try these:

1>Shout for help or search for a boat.

If no one comes for help, and boat is not near to you, then

2>Search for a rope or use your feet to help the person who is drowning.

If that is not sufficient, then

3>Jump into the water if you know swimming.

But what if you save someone who is drowning.And the person is unable to breath properly or unconsious.

Here are some first aid which can save ones life:

First call an ambulance and keep your phone on speaker mode to communicate well.

Remember one formulae (DRS ABCD)

D->First look the area wheather it is “danger” or not.

R->Look at the “response” of a person who is drowned.Whether the person is breathing or not.

S->”Shout” for help

Then try for these:

1> A for “airway”.

Put the victims body into the flat and safe surface.

Try to clear “airway” by keeping one hand into forehead and gently tilt the head back.

2> B for “breathing”.

Check whether the person is “breathing” normally or not by keeping ear near to the mouth.

If there is no sign of breathing or breathing in a noisy way, then need to start CPR(Cardiopulmonary resuscitation).

If a heart stops pumping and stop circulation then need to start CPR(Cardiopulmonary resuscitation).

These are the process of CPR:

3> C for “compression”.

Start by placing the heel of one hand at the center of a persons chest and interlock your finger.

With arm straighten push the heart hard(chest need to go down by 5cm) and fast(2 times every second). Do it for 30 times.

4>Give two rescue breath after every 30 compression as this helps provide some oxygen by putting your mouth to victims mouth.

If water comes out from the mouth, then tilt the head aside so that the water or food comes out.

5>D for “Defibrillation”

Defibrillation is a machine to deliver a electric shock to re-start a heart beat, if the helper is proffesional.

Rush to the nearest hospital for treatement.

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