Treat your neighbour with good manner

Some people do treat their neighbour with bad and harsh manner.They even treat their neighbour as a stranger as if they don’t know them.They refuse to help them or to aide them.

It is not the way to treat the neighbour who is residing beside or near to your house.They should be treated in well manner and not be denied.

Your neighbour may feel sick or may be hungry.The duty of you is to look after your neighbour and to take care of them.

Denying your neighbour and not helping them is the biggest sin you are commiting.

We all have to appear before our Lord in the day of judgement and all our deeds will be asked there, whether it be good or be bad.

Sometime it is seen that the neighbour has nothing to eat and they are poor or old enough to earn money.They are hungry from several days,but no one pay any heed to them.That is very bad.

Some rich people feel their stomach while other remains hungry.

Islam teaches to respect your neighbour and to treat them with kindness and in well manner.In Islam if you are in full stomach and your neighbour is hungry, you doesn’t take care about them. Then you can’t be able to enter into Paradise.

Islam educates us to treats the neighbour in respectfull way.To take care when they become ill or sick.To feed them when they are hungry.To help them with the money as much as you can.To go to their funeral when they die.

Don’t backbite your neighbour.Dont use slang to them.If they want to stay in your home for some reason, then allow them.It is your duty to keep them atleast 3 days in your home with good manner.

You are in a good position now and God has given you wealth, home, money.So use your wealth for your family and help others who are needy.

Dont refuse any begger who is asking you for money.

Remember whatever good thing you are bestowed with can go in vain anytime if God gets angry with you.

So be good and take care of your neighbour and be kind to them.

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