Disadvantages of doing toilet while standing

Many of us has a habit of urinating while standing.Specially men has this habit.

But have you ever think that urinating while standing is a good practice or it is a bad practice.
Is it good for your health??

It has been told that urinating sitting down is more better than urinating standing up.

Urinating while standing can cause serious health problem.The urine get scattered while peeing standing and there is more chance that it get touch into the body causes disease to spread around you.

But urinating while sitting down has very less chance for the urine to get scatterd. This practice keeps the surrounding clean and hygenic.

While uninating standing up,the place gets dirty and become un hygenic.

While urinating sitting down, you can relax and pass your urine better and it can get all the pee out.But while standing, you will not be in relax mood, and you will be hurry enough to get out of toilet and problem in urinating completely, which is bad and serious for heath problem.

Men who unirate siiting down , empty their blooder completely which is better for prostrate gland. Sitting reduces the risk of prostrate cancer.

Incomplete empty of the blooder can cause problem in the kidney.

Urinating while sitting makes a man more healthier and good, longer and healthier sex life.

Man who has lower urinary tract syndrome are given advice to pee while sitting down.

And thus one should prefer peeing sitting down than standing.

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