How to overcome your tension

Tension is a serious problem now a days.It impacts bad effects to our health.

Taking too much tension can cause health hazzards like high blood pressure,hyper tension,brain damage,sleepless night.

Why does man/women take tension

The main causes of tension is thinking too much about the problem which is not solved.

Thinking about the problem day and night which cant be solve or can be solve but not solved yet causes hyper tension.It can causes brain dead.

People think themselve as if they can solve every problem faced in day to day life.

It is absolutely wrong.There are many problems arises in day to day life which cant be solved by people, but he still tries to solve it. That makes a man psyco.

The problem which can be solved, we can try for it.But yet there is no guarentee that the problem will be solve 100 %.

What to do then to overcome tension

1>Be patience

The first mistake done is to do hurry to solve a problem.If a problem arises, you have to be patience.There are many problem which need time to solve it.

Dont be hurry, and dont take tension.We have to try to solve the problem but with patience.

2>The things which is not in your fortune you will not get that, even if you die.

Some times we try to get or acquire something which is not in our fortune. But still we bang out head getting that. It is unnecessory to do that.People take tension unnecesorry.

We have to try hard to achieve that,but if we does not get that, dont worry and think that it was not in my fortune for which I was running before.

And then you will see that your tension get reduce.

3>Try hard to solve your problem and be confident

Some times we lack our confident solving our problem.Dont loose you confident and try to solve it gain and again.

If in case after trying hard you haven’t success, then dont take tension and think that it was not in my fortune to get the thing for which i was running from long time.

But keep in mind that the thing which you are trying to acheive and working hard, surely you will get that if it is in your fortune.

Allah has send us into the world with good and bad fortune. We have to believe in that.

The things which is written in my fortune, will happen.

Say if someone face an accident, then he have to think that it was written in his/her fortune by God.No one can escape from that. And rather you have to think it positively that some thing more serious could happened but Allah saved you from that.And thanks Allah for that.

So after thinking that you will feel peace in mind and tension will be reduce.

And atlast dont loose your hope and whatever good is wrtten in your fortune you will acheive that surely.

Even if a single drop of water is written in your fortune, you will not die untill and unless you drink that.

So be happy allways.

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